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Social streaming to hang out with friends or meet new people


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StreamKar Live Streaming is a video streaming app thanks to which you can see other users from around the world, chat with them in real time, and even participate in video chats. In other words, you can chat with friends, meet new people, or simply see other users for a while.

From the main tabs in StreamKar Live Streaming you can take a look at the most popular streaming channels. If you're interesting in one of these channels, you just have to tap it and can then instantly access the live stream. As usual, to leave comments or interact with other users you'll need to register for an account.

To start your own stream on StreamKar Live Streaming you just have to tap the camera button. In seconds you can start a live stream to all of your followers just by focusing the camera of your Android device. Plus you can add filters in real time and give a fun touch to any stream.

StreamKar Live Streaming is a very fun real-time videoconferencing app thanks to which you can meet other users or simply hang out for a while. In the end, what's more fun than watching random people do all sorts of tasks?

Requires Android 4.1 or higher.